Saturday, September 25, 2010

Norman is such a good mother

This has been the scene lately in the evenings at our home . . .

Little Sally snuggles up to Norman

Ahhh . . . the sweetness

Ahhh . . . the comfort

Norman--mother of all lonely kittens--well, ummm, mother of a few lonely kittens that he decides are okay--well, ummm, as much as a neutered seven year-old male kitty can be a mother to one or two chosen kittens every once in a while, especially on a comfy quilt on a comfy couch.  Sally's a lucky little girl!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I made a yummy real supper last night.  I do make yummy real suppers a fair amount, but this one was so pretty and real supper-ish looking and there was a camera within steps of the plate, so I had to take a picture!

Dan's plate of spicy pan-fried tilapia with potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers from the local farmers' market as well as . . . ummm . . . organic lettuce from the grocery store. 

Anyway, it was good stuff!

Monday, September 06, 2010


Wanna know something crazy/mildly interesting? 

My phone takes halfway decent pictures.

I mean I can't blow them up as big as I can with my camera, but golly . . . these pictures are kinda fun.

The one at the top there is from a while back as I was coming home from town and noticed this beautiful pink glow behind me.  I thought to myself, "Too bad I don't have my camera with me."  And then I went "Wait, I do have my phone.  It can't hurt to try it!"

The pictures sometimes make me think of a color polaroid  because of the way you don't get to adjust how long the "shutter" is open, so you can get interesting halos like this one . . .

But, goodness gracious, isn't that a cool photo anyway--kind of a pinhole, foggy effect--so neat!

Pretty good for my free phone I got from Sprint when we signed up for their family plan last year--in case your wondering it is an LG Lotus (LG and Sprint have no idea who I am).  Who knows, if they even have them around anymore, but I like the pictures I have gotten!  Even took some good ones of the boys I taught when they were goofing off during VBS!

Just a fun, quick shot that I was easily able to email to their moms without having to haul a camera in my pocket.

And then last night while visiting with friends at our local county park there was the most stunning sunset . . .

Pure and unadulterated gorgeousness!

Hope your week will be filled with unexpected blessings!