Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hey there

My dad is having major back surgery today, so any thoughts and prayers you could send his way would be great--surgery should have started a couple of hours ago and will last until late this afternoon or into the evening.  (It is two back surgeries in one, so what I really hope is that they can actually do the whole surgery at once and not have to go back in tomorrow and keep him sedated for even longer).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Its been a hot one here lately

So I made Sangria last night and we ate out on the deck.  Yep, that was our supper: Sangria and cherries.  Okay, we might have had a easy to make frozen pizza with it, too, but this was the pretty part of our meal.

Mmmm  . . . good stuff. 

Try to stay cool--in our home with no air conditioning this has meant cold showers, sleeping on the living room floor, and even going out to see the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie at the air conditioned cheap theater one hot Sunday afternoon. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Been a Running

These past weeks have been filled with running, running, running as our church prepared for its 125th Anniversary--we go to a little country church, so that means everyone does something and many do many things.  I was in charge of editing and putting together a 1 hour DVD of our church history (along with my mom who scanned in hundreds of photos), putting a hanging photo display back together (that we had to rip apart in order to make use many of the photos) in a way that would be acid free and conserve our church's photos for many more years, designing a set of church banners to go in the front of the church that reflected our church's theme chapter for the weekend (Hebrews 11) and also would be appropriate for use throughout other times of year at the church, preparing a special number or two for a Sat. evening service as well as leading it, and making a dessert for the Sunday afternoon meal--woooooeeeee . . . busy, busy!  There are many others who had just as busy, if not busier schedules for the weekend, so I am certainly not the only one who had much to do . . .

But . . . throw in the fact that with Friday evening came a big wind storm and a power outage at the church that lasted through Saturday evening, we can sure say we were kept on our toes!  We all pitched in and I think that everyone who was able to come out had great time (at least, I know I did).  Playing old fashioned picnic games (like 3-legged races and the like), singing songs with piano and guitar accompaniment and visiting with old friends doesn't take any power (and we had a generator running to keep the refrigerator and big chest freezer going, so our food wouldn't go bad). 

What a great weekend all in all--and I have had many compliments on the DVD I put together--only about 5 left and I believe they are all spoken for, so I'll probably be making a few more copies!

The Pastor who was my confirmation pastor and there while I was in high school was able to come back and visit as well as the Pastor who we had when I was first born--it was great to see them!

Hope your past few weeks have brought you joy!