Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving at my in-laws with 50 of our closest relatives (really--and that wasn't even all of them). This year was my mil's turn to host and she did a great job. The hostess always makes the turkey (or 3 as the case may be) and mashed potatoes while everyone else brings along the side dishes and dessert. I brought this

Scrumptious Apple Pie--recipe on tasty kitchen by the Pioneer Woman

Mmmmm, tasty!

Here's a close-up of all of it's caramel-y goodness (I have the hardest time spelling caramel--I want to spell it carmel or caramal or caranimal, well, maybe not caranimal)

In the purpose of full disclosure, let me tell you that both Dan and I got a piece of this pie, but by the time my mother-in-law was ready for pie it was all gone--we philistines had eaten it all up and there was none left for our wonderful hostess. I am making another one today, but it is for my family Thanksgiving tomorrow! I will also be making this for Christmas when we get together once again, but this time it will just be immediate family--she'd better get some!

After a full day at their place visiting with cousins that we don't see all that often and Dan's brother Jason who moved down to Missouri last year, we went home and rested well.

Now, tomorrow will be a big day. My parents are moving into their new house (well, their stuff will be moving at least) and it is also the first hay auction of the season around here. We have hay to sell from this past summer, so Dan thought he had better load up the truck to bring the hay over before the truck needs to be used to move my parent's things.

Take no notice of the tarp on the garage roof--someday we'll be re-roofing it, but for that is back a ways on the list of priorities for our old farm place. Somewhere behind finishing off our upstairs (or maybe not--I've never lived in a finished house--what is that like?)
But do take notice that there are some hangers on up on that pile of hay.

You say you want to see that a little closer?
That's Mike and Betty--we'd better shoo them off before Dan goes out on the road, but for now they're enjoying sitting on the warmed up hay.

One other thing--do you notice that little bell hanging from the rear-view mirror of the truck. That bell is a leftover from our wedding day over 7 years ago. (We gave our little bells as wedding favors) Dan put that bell up before we left for our honeymoon and it has been there ever since.

Well, hope your weekend is great and that you were able to spend Thanksgiving with people that you love!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pioneer Woman (and some knitting and cuteness, too)

I will now eternally owe my husband ummm . . . anything he ever wants. My wonderful Dan stood in line with me for five hours at the Mall of America to get my PW Cookbook signed (and the one I'm giving to my brother-in-law, too--I didn't leave him out).

We became bosom buddies with our neighbors in line by the end of the day--saving spots for bathroom breaks, food breaks, I'm going crazy breaks (I don't think we actually got a break from going crazy--just went further in, I guess).

Marlboro Man and sons

I got our books signed by Marlboro Man, too not long before he and the boys left for a bit to get some supper and to get out of the giant crowds of people. Notice the security guard in this shot? There were a bunch of them around and they were being followed by camera crews!

Why would a camera crew be interested in following Mall Cops around you ask? A new reality show on TLC called Mall Cop: something or other about Mall of America Security. We kept wondering why on earth camera crews along with security kept going around the crowd of people waiting to get there book signed and then one of the girls standing in line with me had an epiphany and recalled seeing a story on one of the local news shows about it. So funny! Dan said that he thought it would be a pretty boring show, but hey, if you get TLC and happen to see a this show about the Pioneer Woman keep a look out for Dan--he's the only one in a cowboy hat in the whole crowd, so you'll likely be able to pick him out. (I'm standing right next to him, but I'm short). We don't get satellite or cable at my house (too expensive when you live out in the boonies (or a mile from town)), so I won't see it at all.

Ree and me (my hair looked prettier earlier in the day--I promise)

Finally we reached PW and she so graciously (not that she wouldn't be) signed my two books. I also gave her a print of one of my cattle marker drawings--a little worse for wear after holding it for 5 hours, so if you happen to read this Ree, I can send you another one!

Hmmm . . . I guess I was so far back in line, I didn't realize there were a few exciting moments with a bomb-sniffing dog. I am going to have to wait until PW's post on the MOA. It should be really fun!

It was a long day, but a good day. I came home surprised at how sore a person can get after just standing all day. It isn't quite as sore as I used to get when I was a waitress at the Red Rooster Cafe and surprisingly enough, even with all those people, it didn't smell nearly as bad either. (can I just say that I am so thankful for the smoking ban in MN--the combination of smoke, eggs, and bleach is just not a pleasant smell--it will forever make my stomach turn. I mean, I suppose it makes other people's stomachs turn as well, so I'm sure it isn't just me, or is it?--but enough of smells that we don't want to think about, I was doing a post about PW, wasn't I? and then I was going to show you some other cute pictures from the farm without going into any smell discussions)

First, I've been working on my Mother-in-Law's Christmas socks. They should be ready in time for Christmas I'm sure. I don't think she remembers that I am making her socks because I was knitting them right in front of her on Sunday and she had no clue that they were hers or maybe she does know, but didn't want to pressume?

The fur and whiskers are not a part of this sock, but rather a part of a curious kitten

The kittens really like the first sock. I'll have to see if they approve of the second one.

Speaking of kittens--they remain extremely cute.

They can mess up a house like nobodies business, get up on the table on knock things over (the chairs are no longer tucked under the table, by the way), and try to tear apart your knitting instructions, but then they go and sit in a little pile like this right in the afternoon sun and you just can't be mad at them. I mean--they're glowing . . . like angels?

And then there is this . . .

I mean, what are you going to do with this? Ahhh, Biff, you are one cute little steer. Don't remind me about what will be to come. I know it is coming--that is why we named our whethers things like lambchop when we were growing up, but for now, I am just going to pretend you are going to stay a little steer calf growing up on our little hills. At least I know you'll be happy here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby Bonnet

Congratulations to our friends Ben and Colleen who just had baby Sierra this morning a little before 10!

In honor of the new little one, I finished off her baby bonnet last night--hopefully we will be able to meet her sometime this week!

From the front--look at those cute little tassels!

From the side--just a little look at more of the shape.

This one shows the color a little better!

I was able to use two skeins that had only been partially used up on making the add-on pieces for some baby viking hats I had made for children of family and friends last winter. Several years ago I used this same pattern for Dan's cousin's first daughter and only used white. It was very pretty, but I do like the combination of color on this one a lot. (sorry, did that one long before I had a blog).

The pattern is from my mom and grandma's old knitting book The Complete Book of Knitting by Elizabeth L. Mathieson.

Friday, November 06, 2009


I figured out why the kittens always like to sit in front of the refrigerator. That's where it cycles out the warm air. I mean I knew that way back in the back of my mind, but was constantly wondering why they were sitting there--especially when I'm making supper and having to open it.

No pictures of these yet, but I just started working on a pair of socks (Christmas gift) and another little baby hat (more of a knitted bonnet than a hat really-something nice and girlie for a baby that should be born next week--I really should have started it sooner, but I just figured out the exact pattern I wanted to use and pulled the yarn out of my yarn basket last night. If there is enough yarn I might add some mittens.)