Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving at my in-laws with 50 of our closest relatives (really--and that wasn't even all of them). This year was my mil's turn to host and she did a great job. The hostess always makes the turkey (or 3 as the case may be) and mashed potatoes while everyone else brings along the side dishes and dessert. I brought this

Scrumptious Apple Pie--recipe on tasty kitchen by the Pioneer Woman

Mmmmm, tasty!

Here's a close-up of all of it's caramel-y goodness (I have the hardest time spelling caramel--I want to spell it carmel or caramal or caranimal, well, maybe not caranimal)

In the purpose of full disclosure, let me tell you that both Dan and I got a piece of this pie, but by the time my mother-in-law was ready for pie it was all gone--we philistines had eaten it all up and there was none left for our wonderful hostess. I am making another one today, but it is for my family Thanksgiving tomorrow! I will also be making this for Christmas when we get together once again, but this time it will just be immediate family--she'd better get some!

After a full day at their place visiting with cousins that we don't see all that often and Dan's brother Jason who moved down to Missouri last year, we went home and rested well.

Now, tomorrow will be a big day. My parents are moving into their new house (well, their stuff will be moving at least) and it is also the first hay auction of the season around here. We have hay to sell from this past summer, so Dan thought he had better load up the truck to bring the hay over before the truck needs to be used to move my parent's things.

Take no notice of the tarp on the garage roof--someday we'll be re-roofing it, but for that is back a ways on the list of priorities for our old farm place. Somewhere behind finishing off our upstairs (or maybe not--I've never lived in a finished house--what is that like?)
But do take notice that there are some hangers on up on that pile of hay.

You say you want to see that a little closer?
That's Mike and Betty--we'd better shoo them off before Dan goes out on the road, but for now they're enjoying sitting on the warmed up hay.

One other thing--do you notice that little bell hanging from the rear-view mirror of the truck. That bell is a leftover from our wedding day over 7 years ago. (We gave our little bells as wedding favors) Dan put that bell up before we left for our honeymoon and it has been there ever since.

Well, hope your weekend is great and that you were able to spend Thanksgiving with people that you love!

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