Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby Bonnet

Congratulations to our friends Ben and Colleen who just had baby Sierra this morning a little before 10!

In honor of the new little one, I finished off her baby bonnet last night--hopefully we will be able to meet her sometime this week!

From the front--look at those cute little tassels!

From the side--just a little look at more of the shape.

This one shows the color a little better!

I was able to use two skeins that had only been partially used up on making the add-on pieces for some baby viking hats I had made for children of family and friends last winter. Several years ago I used this same pattern for Dan's cousin's first daughter and only used white. It was very pretty, but I do like the combination of color on this one a lot. (sorry, did that one long before I had a blog).

The pattern is from my mom and grandma's old knitting book The Complete Book of Knitting by Elizabeth L. Mathieson.


Jo said...

I love it!!

Kim P. of Minneapolis said...

Well now, this comment has nothing to do with knitting... just got your link from your Pioneer Woman comment. I did notice your husband's cowboy hat! And also had the chance to glimpse the artwork (was a ways behind you for 5 hours after all) and just had to say: Wow! That horse really is wonderful! Wish I had that talent!

Elisabeth said...

Thank you so much Kim! I just posted a new post about our fun time in line and the security guards. It was a long wait, but still fun!