Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hey there

My dad is having major back surgery today, so any thoughts and prayers you could send his way would be great--surgery should have started a couple of hours ago and will last until late this afternoon or into the evening.  (It is two back surgeries in one, so what I really hope is that they can actually do the whole surgery at once and not have to go back in tomorrow and keep him sedated for even longer).


EarthBound Misfit said...

I have had major back surgery myself..I hope your father is doing well... It is a long road back, prayers to you and yours!

Elisabeth said...

Thanks, he's home again now. Mostly resting, but far more with it than he was a few days ago. The surgery went well--now just to start getting those muscles and nerves acclimated to a titanium rod and some fused vertibrae.