Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Won Something!

I am doing my income taxes today, but I just took a quick break to look at blogs (okay, this was an early break--the only thing i have done with the taxes today is just gather all of our receipts and info--Now, I actually have to log onto TurboTax and get started) and guess what----

This is sooooooooooo exciting!

I just won two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Grumperina colorway!!!!! I love Grumperina. In fact I am working on a second pair of Jaywalkers at this very moment (well not this very moment, but I brought them with me into town today and they are currently in my purse--I may need a study break). Of course, I will make sure to put a little scowl on my face as I knit the socks in honor of Grumperina, even though I have to say I am just so excited--hmmm, I have said excited a bunch of times in this post.

Anyone who has been watching her blog recently will have seen this very interesting way that she is putting together some striping socks (read the following entires as well-including how to do the heels--so cool!) with four colors of yarn. I look forward to doing that someday as well (although this colorway is of the self-striping variety)

Anyway--on with my exciting day of figuring out our taxes.

(By the way--I have taken pictures of the entire process of making maple syrup now, so expect a post on that very soon--I got some fun pictures!)

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