Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What have I been doin' lately?

Hey there all. I thought I would let you know what I have been doing lately. We have had a busy couple of weeks (umm . . . not like too busy to go on the computer or anything, but busy enough that we have done some interesting and different things) and I even have pictures to prove it!

Our first tulip bloomed this morning (Last year they were blooming in April and usually they bloom more around the first of May). It's leaves got a little frostbitten a couple of weeks ago when we had snow, so it has some brown edges.

We also had some little babies born about a week and a half ago at our place.

They are located in a little nest in the wall of our barn. Their mother is not the friendly sort, so we have to wait until she leaves in order to go over and pick them out of their nest to pet them. There are two totally gray kittens, one gray tabby, one totally black kitten, and one black tabby. They are very precious little babies and we hope they will be friendly little babes and that their mother won't hide them away somewhere else. Last year their mother (or Scared Little Kitty, as we call her) had three kittens, but by the time we knew they were born they were at least a month old, hissed, spat, and scratched. They did not want to be caught, so we were vigilant this year in making sure we found kittens right away!

Last week Dan took the week off and he hauled scrap metal off to the scrap yard. We ended up bringing in about 17,000 lbs of metal. I went with him several times to watch the metal get unloaded and the last time we went down, I got the idea that this would be something cool to get pictures of, so here are a couple of neat ones.

Here are a bunch of old tractor parts that we were parked next to as we waited in line to drop off our trailer of metal. Note the bird in the little tree on the right.

Now, when it was time for our trailer to get unloaded the big grappler came down and picked the metal off the trailer.

Here it is taking off some old chicken nesting boxes that had seen better days. (Did I ever tell you that when I was little we had laying hens? My mom used to supply one of the local restaurants with eggs as well as bring them in to sell at a couple of the small factories here in town. I only vaguely remember her doing this, so I think she stopped selling eggs when I was 2 or 3)

Lastly, knitting has been taking place.
These jaywalkers are almost done. I called them my Rocky Mountain Jaywalkers because I started to make them a couple of years ago (long before my pink knee highs) when Dan and I went camping in Rocky Mountain National Park and the way they were turning out looking a lot the mountains in Summer.

Well, have a great day all!

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Nin said...

AWWWW such swet kitties, and those socks RULE!