Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A logo

Hey, I am back from my trip and have yet to scan in any photos of our trip (my dad seemed to want his digital camera on his camping trip rather than sending it along on mine--crazy, huh?)

Anyway, this is just a quick post to show a logo I did in photoshop and a brief description of how I did it. (maybe of no interest to anyone, but you never know).
© 2008 elisabeth schmieg and the midwest garden company

I made this logo by combining a couple of photographs. (The cabin in one and trees in another-erasing stuff and layers and all that)

If I remember right after I had done all that:
1. I then went in and upped the contrast
2. Went into the unsharp mask (under filter and then sharpening) and way over did it until it looked neat to me
3. Then did the poster edge filter (under artistic) moving the sliders around until it looked interesting.
4. Lastly, I did the palette knife filter (also under artistic) moving stuff around until I liked it.

I've done a bunch of fun things with these filters layered upon filters actually-

I thought this looked cool, but half the time I don't recall what exactly I did to stuff--I suppose I should write down what my favorite things are to do, but golly I have a bunch of knitting, drawing, musical stuff to do (plus the garden and my 3 part-time jobs---and the dishes (I think I'll do them last--do they make paper pots and pans that I can just through away once i am done cooking?)), so I probably won't get around to it.

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jkrodriguez said...

I love taking pictures, but editing has become dreadful for me since I only have the software that came with the little point and shoot camera. And as far as bubbles pouring out of my dishwasher? Yeah, that was funny! My kids got a kick out of it. I have a glass top stove as weel and I can tell you that, although I love it when my husband cooks his spanish dishes, the amount of oil baked onto the glass is unbelievable! I use 220 grit sandpaper on it and it doesn't scratch the surface at all. It removes other stains as weel. I don't know if using the sand paper on top of cooked sugar is a good idea though! :)

Hope you had a great vacation!