Saturday, September 20, 2008


Can I tell you something? I am sooooo disappointed.

I was going through all of my picture folders and all of our flash disks and I am missing some stunning pictures that I took about a month ago. I recently started sorting all of my pictures into categories and getting things all updated for the last month and all that and a whole disk of pictures is gone . . . GONE!

Never to be seen again. Erased at some moment thinking that they were safely already put onto a computer or a CD or something. I am very sad. The only picture I have from that disk is this one

Do you see the gorgeous light I was working with? I had pictures of the horses in the tall grass on the back of our property. I had pictures of kittens playing just outside the barn door. I had close ups of these fuzzy thistles with the setting sun warming them and making the beautiful. Those pictures made me happy that we have thistles in our pasture growing out of control in places. It was the only time I was ever happy to see thistles that I can remember.

Will I ever come across the same lighting and time of year again. Maybe, you never know, but once, I happened to take this silouette of myself against our house that turned out so nicely and I have tried and tried and tried to recreate that moment on other farm buildings around our place and I never been able to do it.

Why, why, why . . . oh, the humanity---I took this one picture off of that little disk because I didn't have time to do more.

Can I say it again?

I am soooooooooooooooooo disappointed.

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