Friday, October 17, 2008

Last time I posted it was Summer (I think . . . technically)

Well, it has been a while since I have posted (I am actually at the computer every day, but you know how it goes--the longer you go between posting, the more stupid and guilty you start to feel about not writing anything and so you don't write anything and you see how interesting other people are and that really you don't feel all that interesting and on and on and on) Today I bit the bullet and finally decided to post.

I was sorting through some photos that I have taken and I saw a couple that were noteworthy.
First off-----The Barney.

Barney is now a full-fledged outdoor cat. He doesn't want to believe it, but he is. Last winter he decided to start peeing on our bed in the basement and spraying furniture in the house. Yuck . . . he wanted to be in charge and knew he wasn't, so he started to fight back.
I feel bad (Dan doesn't) sometimes when he is meowing outside, but he has plenty in the out of doors to keep him busy and we hug him and cuddle him and feed him his yummy, yummy food.
When he isn't up whining by us at the house he sleeps in the hay in the barn. I love it when he does that and then comes up to us to get petted and picked up. He smells of dry alfalfa. Mmmmm.

Now for old tires . . .

Remember last Spring when I wrote about going to the scrap metal yard? Well, we took some of the money we got from the metal and were able to get rid of the many, many old tires we had sitting behind our old shop. (This picture doesn't even show all of them)
Soon the old scrap area will be beautiful (or weed filled, whatever) and eventually we will be able to reseed out there and have the area between our barn and shop and stuff like that made back into a little barn yard (maybe even for the dogs to be able to run around in when we are gone for the day!).

Alrighty, I have work to get to, so see you all later. Oh, and knitting has been happening, too. I am working on a fine Christmas present (oh, it is so pretty that I really want to keep it---but I won't---if you are reading this Melissa, I won't tell you what it is, but you probably know that I would be doing something along some lines as I did for Linda and Barb.)

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