Friday, July 10, 2009

dun, da, da, daaaaa . . .

Well, we made it through the 4th of July and my 30th birthday :o∫
There, I said it--I am no longer in my 20's and care free (as care free as someone with a 40 acre farmstead can be), but I guess I can be 30 and just fine--I just thought I should feel more like a grown up when I turned 30 (not especially on that day, but you know just as life goes along). Of course, it might be a youngest child thing, too. I don't think youngest children probably ever feel like they are the most grown up anyway. Always have somebody older telling us that we aren't doing it right.

Oh well, I'm still enjoying my camera and taking photos around the farm--Dan got me a nice camera case for my birthday, so now I feel a little more secure about bringing it from place to place without wrecking it.

We've made hay and there is more to be made, again--no wonder we can never get to finishing the siding on our house . . .

I snapped a shot of Dan before he went out on the tractor with his hay gear on--He did end up taking the sunglasses off-they made him look silly.

Mowing the grass/clover field

Dan put our old metal wheels up in the arch to the pasture.

Dairy/Berry Day in town was well attended (free root beer floats and strawberry sundaes--what do you expect?)

The light around here this summer has just made things look so nice--I'll have to see sometime what it can do for me (will it give me back my size 6 body?--probably not)

I love the lightening rods on our barn--the barn was built in 1918 after the other barn on our property burned down from a lightening strike--those rods have been there ever since!

The wild roses were blooming around here near the end of June--I just love them. It is amazing what prettiness just lies down in the ditches of our gravel roads!

On that note--have a great weekend and take some time to smell the roses.

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jkrodriguez said...

Longhorns?! That's awesome! I wish we had more land. We had a Percheron, a Belgian Mare, and colt, and a little pony living on our pasture for about a month and a half. I was boarding them for a friend, who almost abandoned them. So, after taking care of them for so long, they kind of became my babies, and some of the sweetest horses you could ever meet! When the guy FINALLY showed up to pick them up (I was actually surprised he showed up...), he accused me of starving the animals. I was astounded...They looked ten times better than when he brought them to me in the first place. So, I'm a little edgy about bringing more animals on our property again. Love is the easiest going lamb I've ever met. Everytime I go outside, she'll bleat at me, and I'll say "What's up!" and she comes running over to the fence. She likes to headbutt. :) Well, this is a long comment, but I'm hoping you get your longhorns!!