Thursday, February 25, 2010

Knitting Olympics-Shetland Triangle

I have never joined any group before this, but I knew when I got done with all the Christmas knitting I did this year that I would finally want to make a shawl of my very own.  I knew which one it would be-- The Shetland Triangle.  I knew what yarn I would make it out of-- Sundara Yarn aran silky merino in the black cherry colorway.  Last year I was involved in one of Sundara's yarn club things and I was just waiting to see what yarn I would get and hoping that the silky merino color would be just what I might want to have in order to make my Shetland Triangle.  I have to say that every yarn I got was just absolutely gorgeous.  (Still need to show you some more of the things I made with it all).

Anyway, I cast on for my shawl on the evening of Feb. 12 during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games not knowing if I could really get it done and blocked before the games were up.  I have knitted shawls before and this didn't seem like a giant one, but I have never knitted a shawl (or anything much bigger than a mitten) in two weeks time.  So anyway, I've done it!  It is still in the blocking pins (I hope--there are two cats inside afterall) at home and it is a couple days before the Olympics are over!  I didn't even knit every night--I did need to take some recuperating time between long evenings of knitting as my hands would start to ache.  (Much like Olympic athletes appreciate a break between events).

So here are my progress photos . . . (and a link to my shawl in Ravelry and the Ravelympics! and also a link to The Knitting Olympics!)

The start!
Partway through!

The lump--all knitted!

Pattern detail before blocking

Edge detail before blocking

Being blocked in the morning sun

Just look at those swirly bits and edges!

I mean--look at those--aren't they gorgeous!


Kate said...

It is a gorgeous shawl. Great work. I can purl and knit and decrease and increase, but the yarn over stuff, and carrying over, and cables, too much for me. I would rather crochet! I came over from The Pioneer Woman's Spelling bee.

jenny kaye said...

Elizabeth! I just wanted to stop by and say hello; I'm sending you a very big hug and smile. That shawl is absolutely gorgeous, by the way. It has been so long since I've knit anything, but I *am* working on a pair of socks. So far, so good! I hope you and Dan are doing well!

Whippoorwill said...

This yarn is so beautiful!