Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bathtub is in about the same place as last time, but . . .

. . . the old water tower in my home town is not. 

We said goodbye to our friendly old water tower on Tuesday.

It was my job to be the historical recorder.  (I stood outside all day video taping the taking down of the tower and taking still shots of it as well). 

We sure are going to miss it (couldn't keep it due to rules and regulations related to people suing the city and lead paint and all sorts of craziness--the city looked into all sorts of options),

 but we do have a beautiful new tower and maybe someday when people have money again the town can put on some kind of fundraiser to make small replica of the tower. 

I have also been taking pictures of the tower from all angles for the past year. 

So anyway for the next week or so or more I will be working on a comprehensive video of our old water tower--hope I do good!

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