Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Spring, so that means it is time for . . .

. . . millions of things to be happening at the same time.  Planting the garden, fresh kittens, a new baby calf, and pretty things blossoming outdoors.

  Molly's kittens!

Little Donald born on May 8th!

Donald and his momma, Bessie.

Flowering crab tree at one of the local parks!

It is officially tick season around here--I don't know that I really need to announce it far and wide and even if I did, I am sure there is someone far more important that actually knows when tick season really is or if there is an official tick season around here.  Friday and Saturday there were ticks abounding out in the pasture where Dan was working on a new fence line.  I was only out there briefly those days, but both days I had 3 on me.  Sunday ticks at the park where we went for a picnic in the afternoon and Monday I weeded through the weed patches right by the house (otherwise known as my flower beds) and ended up with two ticks crawling on me.

Aren't you happy that I spared you pictures of those?  I've been feeling all creepy crawly since then!


jenny kaye said...

I am all too familiar with tick season! We lived out in the woods when we first came to NC, and my son went out to play. He came back inside, and his feet and ankles were literally covered with baby ticks~HUNDREDS of them. Where we live now, we may see one or two, and that's about it. I can't stand to feel all creepy crawly. We do, however, have a serious fireant problem down here, so I don't know if the trade-off was exactly what I wanted. :) Hope you're doing well!


Whippoorwill said...

I love the sweet kitten pic!