Thursday, June 17, 2010

I come from a small town

So, I come from a small town . . .

that means so many things . . .

it means tonight in our town we have a fun event at the bandstand
Dairy/Berry Day--free root beer floats and strawberry sundaes served by the Dassel Ambassadors and Ambassador candidates--live music by local musicians in the Mid-Minnesota Concert Band.

. . . but there will be someone sorely missed tonight at Dairy/Berry Day

this was her small town, too

our local newspaper editor, Lynda Jensen -- a fixture at any local event, willing to share pictures with me of event happenings (as I update the city's website or cable channel), a woman in her 40's with 3 children who knew what true sacrifice is, with a husband who was in Iraq while she was pregnant with her last child (and I can't remember for sure, but I think he was still there when she had her), the wife of a police officer with all of those crazy hours -- she died on Tuesday after suffering a brain hemorrhage from a fall she had a couple of weeks ago that went undetected.

We had just laughed last week at a local chamber of commerce meeting about her 18 year old daughter's need for her cell phone.

Praying for your family, Lynda, and for your co-workers at the newspaper.

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