Thursday, October 14, 2010

A title should go here

Just a few pictures of the fun going on around here!

Last week was our anniversary, so we both took the day off and went down to the Como Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul!  (And following those pictures are embarrassing photos of Norman and Bernie that I took this week--I know, I know--who really needs to see these photos, but golly these animals make me laugh!)

The Animals

Pink flamingo!
Sleeping polar bear!

Giraffe and baby!


 The Plants

Pretty flower!

The fern room!

Light through the leaves!

Now how about those embarrassing photos!

Norman & Bernie-the misfits

Can you do this?  And be comfortable?

You can just play with his paws and he barely slits open his eyes!

Bernie yawning--if you are any kind of vet could you tell me who Bernie's teeth are soooo small--he's got really short whiskers, too and his front claws are only little claw nubs (his back claws are normal, though)

 Well, those are the sights I've seen this past week!

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