Thursday, June 23, 2011

New baby calf at my house (or in the pasture--whatever)

Tinkerbell is the proud momma of a bouncing baby bull that we have named Hook!

These pictures were taken just a little while after little Hook was born.  Of course, we missed seeing him being born by about 20 minutes--we sure thought that Tinkerbell looked like she was going to calf at anytime and . . . ummm . . . she did!

Tinkerbell likes to sniff your hand for treats.
And then she wants to play (although it looks scary, she just wants to try to tap your hand and then she goes right back to sniffing you or to just standing there)

Another photo of Tink and the new baby out in the pasture with Dan (and Dakota--now Tinkerbell does not care for Dakota, so we did have to keep chasing Dakota back)

Petting little Hook--he was still wet.

Tink checking me out to make sure I'm safe to pet her new baby.

Little Hook's little face!  You can't quite see the spot where his horns will start to grow, but there is a tiny round circle on both sides of his head.  Longhorns have much smaller calves that Herefords do--although the Longhorns are a smaller breed of animal than the Hereford as well.  We want to keep petting and being around Hook as much as possible, so that he will be nice and friendly.  He will be becoming a Steer later this summer sometime.
Oh, Little Hook was born 42 weeks to the day that his daddy arrived on the ranch to meet his mother last Fall in Wisconsin.  His daddy's name is Spike.

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