Friday, October 19, 2007

Busy Bee

Aack, I feel like I have been a busy, busy bee lately putting my nose into every little flower that comes along. Here are a couple of things that I have been up to . . . (photoshop has been working over time--click on pics for bigger versions)

I've always loved this quote from Mother Teresa and thought I would like to be reminded of it when life gets real busy and crazy-like, so I fancy photoshopped one of my pics of Butternut Lake (the lake just down the road from my house) and here it is--Now to frame it--ha, ha, ha!

Quick had to make a map up of all the businesses participating in the Arts and Antiques Weekend (October 26-28--shameless plug to advertise to the few remaining people who don't even live near me who read this blog--Sorry--I sometimes think I am the one woman chamber of commerce for my town!)

New business card design--ain't it purty!!!!!

And tomorrow I go to take pictures for my first real commissioned artwork! (I do graphite drawings of horses. So far all the horses I have ever done are portraits of my own and other relations horses)--Here's one of our horses that I did a drawing of several years ago.

***Sorry about the copyright stuff, but I'm protective of my horses***

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