Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Helloooooo, my oldest brother is famous (or here's some info on DTV)

Hi all-I have a really good knitting post in the works (with pictures even! (I took my dad's camera out for some fun the other day)), but right now I want to let you know that my oldest brother is famous! Okay, maybe not overly and amazingly famous, but he was on Des Moines TV talking about the switch to Digital TV coming next year. It's even on You Tube, so if you guys want to know info on the switch to DTV coming next year he explains some of the key information. (How exciting, huh? All my brothers have these technical careers and I am a lazy old artist and knitter. Golly-I feel like such a slacker!)

First Interview

Second Interview

Sooooooo, I've never linked to You Tube before. I hope this works!

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