Friday, February 01, 2008

Vest, Jaywalkers, and Legwarmers

Hi all--
Finally a knitting post!!!!!!

First of all pictures of a knitting project that I finished last fall

It has five buttons up the center and I am very happy to say that they turned out well.
I was a little worried that the buttonholes might be a bit too small for the buttons because they felt a little tight at first, but I just pushed the buttons through a couple of times and they work!

Pocket and ribbing detail-I was a bit confused at how they pockets would finally come together on this, but I just followed what the pattern said and when it came time to put it all together it did make sense.

My dad liked it so well, he decided to wear it for his city council picture!

Next, Jaywalkers--the second sock has been started-woohoo!
It has only taken me 8 months, but I have finally finished the first sock
Here is the finished first sock. (this picture is not accurate in color, but I did want to show the length of the sock) I had to start the ribbing at the normal spot because my calves are rather shapely, but I really wanted to make these to be something nice and cozy for winter and being out in the snow and ice. I could have made them a little longer even, but I do like that they go above my knees. I need to wear a brace on my left knee when I go skiing and having the sock under the brace will be nice.

Finally, a close up of the stitching. They are really quite pretty. I think I will even wear them this spring when the weather still has a little chill in the air under my 3/4 skirt.

Lastly--my very own legwarmers.
I made these up fairly quickly, but they took me longer than they would have had to because I set them aside for a few weeks.

These have gotten a fair amount of use. I am now in a ballet class and although I have not worn them in the class (the teacher wants to see our ankles to make sure we are pointing our feet correctly), I have been using them at home in our 140 year old farm house.

In fact I have also been wearing those thick black tights as long underwear as well. These negative digits we have been having the past bunch of weeks, make it important to wear layers.

Well, I am prepared for the cold--bring it on!

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