Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sooo . . . what am I giving my honey?

Hey there---the cookies are baked and the pie is ready (more on that in a bit), but what most special thing am I giving my honey for Valentines Day this year?

Something knitted perhaps?


Now Dan isn't into sweaters or mittens or long scarves or knitwear in general, but I am hoping that this little gift will be the ticket this year.

This not overly exciting beauty is a button-up neck warmer that he should be able to wear along with his Carhartt jacket, cover alls, and warm, fuzzy hat when he is outside without it getting in the way of anything.

I few years ago I had made him a nice pull over neck warmer out of various scraps of yarn that he absolutely loves, but it is even too bulky to wear with his hat. It is great for skiing or wearing with a regular stocking cap, but a stocking cap doesn't fit the bill when my Dan is outside splitting wood or plowing out the driveway--or even out feeding horses at below 0 temps.

I put one cute little detail into it that only he will see when he puts it on . . .
I thought a little embroidered heart stuck underneath the flap would be just the perfect thing to remind him how much I love him everytime he puts it on.

Specs on the project:
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease-(at least it has a bit of wool content, right?) doubled in Forest Green Heather and Natural Heather-much less than one skein each
Needles: A pair old plastic Boye needles of my grandmothers-size 10 1/2
Pattern: I just cast on 23 stitches cuz I thought that might be a nice amount and garter stitched back and forth until I thought I should decrease a few stitches for the back of the neck (so it won't get too bunchy back there) and then when I thought it seemed like it was long enough I increased back up to 23 stitches again and kept going for a while. Oh, I also threw in a couple of buttonholes at the beginning of it.
Extras: The brown corduroy buttons were in my grandma's old button box. Before I started the project I thought of maybe just putting in one big button, but when I found one medium sized corduroy button I thought, "If I can find a matching one this will be the perfect look" and I did!
I also reinforced the buttonholes when I was all finished by whip-stitching all the way around them with the green yarn. I just made them much more stable.

Now, on the pie--I made a Mile High Frozen Strawberry Pie, so I am hoping that it will taste alright because it doesn't look as pretty as it should. I made a crust for it using the same recipe for the peach pie crust-ummmm . . . that pie crust isn't very good for a pre-baked pie crust. It falls down in the pie plate. I am sure the people at ATK knew that and have a different recipe for a pre-baked pie crust, but I don't check those kinds of things out.

It is hard to describe how it looks, so I will bring the camera home tonight and take a picture. I have had the pie before and it is quite good, so it will just end up being like most things I make--maybe not the most beautiful presentation, but very good tasting.

Oh, and one last thing--remember the drawing I was commissioned to do?
It is finally done!
Robin's Remuda

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