Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It has been cold here and my sweet and wonderful Dan has had to be working long hours, so I got out this peach pie from the freezer that I had frozen up for just this kind of occasion.

It was based on the recipe on America's Test Kitchen (can't link to it because I think it is only available to subscribers or something, but go ahead and try to google this lattice top peach pie, I was able to write down the recipe by watching a video online).
In the summer, I always buy a crate or two of peaches for canning and I decided to make up a couple of pies (these peaches are the best ever--homemade canned peaches our also waaaaay better than store-bought canned peaches, so if you want to try out canning I would highly suggest trying it out with fresh peaches). The first pie we ate right away and my, oh my was it tasty*, so I made sure to freeze one and save it for some gray and sad days during midwinter to lift our spirits. It was well worth the wait--I wish I had made more (I do have a bunch of apple crisp in the freezer and they are good, but golly gee peach pie is tasty*)

One other summer fruit-ish picture, just cuz I feel like it
l to r: dark jars behind the empty ones are maple syrup (oh and I think there is also a little jar of strawberry syrup in there too), strawberry preserves, apple sauce behind strawberry, salsa, more strawberry preserves. Not having to buy any syrup, jams, or jellies from the store---priceless and far more tasty*!

*my word of the day

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