Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentines Pie and other such stuff

Here are a couple of those promised pictures of the Mile High Strawberry pie (it was quite good even though the crust slouched to he bottom of the pan)

My present from Dan
They are still alive and well on our kitchen table!!!

Lastly--some gifts of knitting
I gave Dan the neckwarmer on the left a couple of years ago for either his birthday or Valentines day (can't remember which just now) and he loves it, so I thought I would make another one for myself. They are great for skiing and for those cold days when you don't want your face to touch the air outside.

I wore mine last night while fetching in wood to heat the house and Dan just laughed because he could barely see my eyes between it and the hat I was wearing.

Oh, and just 'cuz I mentioned heating with wood I will tack on a picture of our old wood furnace
It is about the same age as me since my parents put the basement under our house and changed to wood heat the year after I was born--(wait did I just call myself old? I am not old---maybe old-fashioned, but if I start calling myself old at 28 there won't be words enough to describe my age at 93)

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