Thursday, February 28, 2008

Minnesota in February (and finished JYWKRS!)

This past Sunday was a beautiful day in the mid and upper thirties and the sun radiating on the south side of our house was so warm that Dan and I sat alongside it for part of the afternoon.

It was a respite from the cold temps we've been having and made even Dan (who loves winter to its fullest) hopeful for Spring.

Of course, it being February in Minnesota, the temps swing from one day to another (sometimes as much as 40 degrees--although, that was a couple of weeks ago--now the temperatures swing only about half that). Today we have a light snow falling with a bit of a chilly breeze.

The snow will soon stop (Central MN has been quite cold this winter, but most of the has snow fallen far South or Northeast of us) and we will have a small coating of white to pretty up the muddy fields and sidewalks. Maybe there will be a big snowstorm in March that will force people to stay home because the roads are blocked, but soon winter will be over and it will be time to plant the garden. (before that, though, we will be making maple syrup--it is the perfect time of year for that right now!)

I think I will think of this pretty picture when the heat and humidity of July get to be too much.

It is also the perfect time of year for these socks. They are finally finished. This isn't the greatest of photos, but I wanted to give you at least one picture of them right now.

The camera battery died just after I took this photo and the digital camera is going on vacation to Washington D.C. tomorrow. There will not be time for a proper photo shoot before it has to get on the airplane.

Finally, here is a precious picture of the Barney's face. He looked so cute Sunday afternoon wondering outside that I had to take a picture-or two-or actually a couple more after that (if it hadn't been necessary to take these photos on Sunday-there may have been enough battery life left to get more pictures of the jaywalkers, but I digress). This is the best one.

(his face is so cute and angelic that you would never believe him possible of peeing on the red chair in the background of the previous picture, would you?)

My writing in this post sounds so formal--I guess I've been watching too much Jane Austen.


Prairie Bride said...

Thanks for the message!! I found your site completely by chance. I really like Peachy Hollow's site ( One day I was checking out her favorite blogs, and there you were. Hope all is well!

Nin said...

OOOOOH! Fabulous socks, they look toasty warm for all this cold weather. I hope Spring comes soon too. I need sun!