Monday, July 28, 2008

1930's Wife and a Little House!

Well, I'm not quite as bad a wife as I thought I was--(even though I do hate to wash the dishes)


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

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In other news, Dan and I went to go see Little House on the Prairie (the musical) last night at the Guthrie. It was the second preview night before it opens in a couple of weeks and it is also the premier of the musical with Melissa Gilbert playing Ma.

I heard about it back in late May/early June and thought that I would love to be able to go and see it. I haven't been to a fancy play production since college (although, I did go to the Opera a few years back at the Ordway because my oldest brother was in it--Rigoletto (he didn't play Rigoletto or anything, but it was his first opera as a member of the ensemble (or was it his first? now I can't remember offhand). I went to the old Guthrie back then and saw Much Ado about Nothing (at least that's what I think I saw) with a bunch of my drama friends.

Anyway, Dan thought that he would get us a couple of tickets for my birthday. The tickets went on sale the weekend before my birthday, so we went online and got them (or actually, I went online. Dan doesn't really ever use a computer). Since then I have been excited to go see the musical. We were just a few rows back on the right side of the stage, so we got to see everything nice and close up. It was exciting for me to see Melissa Gilbert in real life (of course, I would have loved to have met her).

My Stetson Man

I also kept thinking before the play that it would have been really cool if her husband, Bruce Boxleitner (I just love the show Scarecrow and Mrs. King and he is also in a fair amount of cool Western movies), would have been there just watching the play like us and then would have come up to Dan and I (because Dan was wearing his usual belt buckle and summer straw cowboy hat along with the leather belt he made) and said something like, "Hey where did you get that leather belt? (or make mention on the beautiful leather purse I was carrying)" and then we would say, "Oh that, Dan made it. He makes all sorts of these kinds of things."

Of course, none of that happened, but gosh-golly-gee it was some good fun going down to the big city to see the world premier of a brand new musical starring Melissa Gilbert! (Okay, we might live in rural MN, but we are only about an hour and a half from the Guthrie--not soooo far)


Sorka said...

Wow that is sooo cool!! Is the show traveling? I would love to see it!

Nin said...

It's so cool that Melissa Gilbert is in it!!

jkrodriguez said...

I love watching Little House on the Prairie at, like, five in the morn' while the kids are sleeping. I would love to take them to see the play! We love cuddling up and reading the books! And by the way! Happy Birthday to you, too!