Friday, July 11, 2008

Sooo . . . in lieu of a recent picture

I picked strawberries this morning (my third time this year) at a local farm that has pick your own and decided it was about time I stole my dad's digital camera to take some pictures of kittens and strawberry stuff and the garden, so I did, BUT the little flash card was here at gallery and not in the camera and there are no pictures to show of the exciting goings on at my house (or even of the pile of dirty dishes awaiting me when I get home).

Sooooooo . . .

The first picture my parent's took when they bought our farm house in 1972. It is still the same basic L-shape farm house, but there have been a lot of changes and none of them are finished yet. (Because that is the way it is will old farmhouses-the projects that you are working on never seem to end (we still haven't finished re-siding our house that we started almost 6 years ago (although I don't ever really remember our house being white as it was resided with a gray siding when I was 1)

This picture was taken last Spring. the outbuilding all used to be white with red trim (and I vaguely remember that, but for a few different summers my older brothers had jobs repainting everything red with white trim---more my style as I love the color red)

Oh, there is one recent picture (and this is the reason there wasn't a card in the camera (I took it out so I could upload this picture and send it off))

An old friend from college is getting married at the end of the month and had designed a nice little logo for all of their invites and so on and so forth. He remembered that I knew something about metal stuff (did I tell you I used to work in a bronze foundry doing waxwork one year? That's where I met my husband, Dan. (it's a small foundry that does work for artists and Dan still works there)) and sent me an email wondering if I could make them a medallion for their wedding. Anyway, this is what it looks like in wax. I sent it with Dan this morning to the foundry to get it made into bronze (that's a whole other process-maybe I'll explain it sometime, but it gets a bit tedious) and it should be done by the end of the month.

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jkrodriguez said...

Beautiful pics of your parent's house! We live in a pretty old farm house, as well. Built in 1900! Beautiful, but in need of some cosmetic "lifts". :) And yes, I will make sure to keep everyone informed when I find the "perfect" toilet bowl cleaner! And don't feel too bad, I've made my hubby go to bed without me sometimes too...Knitting and crocheting can become so addictive...