Saturday, March 07, 2009

Umm . . . I don't know if anyone told you, but it's March now

Hey, it has been a while--a long while, but I thought I would let you know I am still here. Instead of trying to sum in in words, I will sum up in pictures.

(except to also say--haven't been at the gallery much as Winter months are always slow and also started a new job two days a week because, ummm, bringing money home is always a good thing especially when we want to eat and do things)

Dan had his 30th birthday in January

His dad also turned 60--we left up the tree until after Dan's birthday because it took a lot of effort to do this one--it involved having it wired to the wall!

We took out the old wood furnace (in the back of the photograh)

And installed this fancy-shmancey-new-fangled wood furnace---it's so purty!

I finished these Plain Jane style toe-up socks. They are knee highs! (and I have now given them to my neice as she saw one of them when they were finished and she seemed to like them a lot--She already plans to wear them to school with a pair of shorts come Spring!)

It has snowed here and Reno likes to stand in picturesque ways out in the barnyard (technically, this is the goat pasture to my way of thinking because when I was little we had dairy goats and it was thus named "the goat pasture" (as opposed to the sheep pasture, except we didn't have a sheep pasture, just sheep and a large pasture--oh, I don't know why anything is named the way it is, I was little and these are my memories, I don't know what they mean) because there is another yard attached to it that is directly behind the barn and that is really the barnyard, so I don't know what to call this part of the pasture--maybe I'll just call it the South Yard)

And Mike likes to sit in picturesque ways on this little sleigh when it is sunny out!

On Valentine's Day Dan and I and the dogs went for a long walk--it was windy and sunny. We had fun even if Dan looked a little silly--you'll notice there are no pictures of me, so nobody can recall how silly I looked.

Other things have happened in the last few weeks (including adding a new cat to the household and having that yellow dog in the background of the last picture run away (Montana loves to run and find new people to have fun with, sometimes she won't come home and this last time even with all of the precautions we had taken to prevent running away she got loose and is gone. Dakota is very sad and howls at night missing her friend--in fact she went searching for her the day Montana ran away and came back home very sad and sore)).

Well, things are looking up anyway and it is about time to make maple syrup again.

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