Thursday, December 17, 2009

New blog title, but same old blog

A Wilde Rose In Minnesota

I so often have content other than knitting that I was thinking it was time for me to change my title.  I'm staying right here, but just changing the title on my page to reflect more of who I am and what I actually write.  I will be going through and adding labels to all of my posts in the coming weeks, so that if by some chance you want to look for some specific type of post you might be able to find it.  (Let's hope I'm smart enough to figure it all out!).

That's all for now, so I'll leave you with this . . .

A photo Dan took of our house earlier this Fall.  He's a good picture taker!

Have a great day!--Christmas knitting is nearly done (would be done, except that now that I find I have more time, I am adding to the list!).


jkrodriguez said...

Ha! I do that, too. When I'm all done, I find out that I have more time, so I start on another. That's a beautiful picture of the house! Elizabeth, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


*emilie* said...

that's such a great picture !