Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Two female (umm . . . scratch that--6:30 in the morning eyes apparently are blind--they're boys, but they're such cuties that they should be wrapped in bows and snuggled!) puppies this morning around 6:30 near our home. 

Here's the one of the cuties sniffing for more food--don't worry he was well fed this morning, but he is a growing puppy after all . . .
They're movers and shakers (as you can tell by this blurry picture! silly little guy)
Dan found these little guys on his way to work this morning.  He brought them home and I gave them food and water and put down an old blanket for them to lay on for the time being.  We've called the local sheriff's office just in case someone reports them missing, but for now they are staying in our shop.

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