Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tough Day

Checotah, Dan, Me and Reno after riding at one of the state parks.

We lost our Reno this morning.  I met him the day Dan and I had our first date.  He graciously let this girl who hadn't been on a horse in many years ride him that night and he never did me wrong.  We had an understanding--I wouldn't work him too hard and would let him even grab a bit of grass here and there as we rode and he wouldn't trip and fall as I rode him. 

Reno wandering (on a mission it seems--probably to find some good food)

Reno in the Gloaming--sparkling snow and a sparkling Reno!
A drawing I did based on Reno--I know he doesn't really look like that (especially in the face), but Reno always had great angles when he moved--fun for capturing in a drawing.

Another drawing based on Reno--what a superstar--he could have modeled on a catwalk (well, except he startled pretty easily with flashing bulbs and also didn't like lots of loud noise--he also didn't like to hear the sound of his own hooves on pavement--such a country horse)
Sweet Reno, I'll miss you so . . .

Sweet Reno, I'm really going to miss you and the way we could hear you coming (even in the dark)--he had this certain way he blew air through his nose.  I'll miss you practically falling asleep as we trimmed your hooves--such heavy hooves--you really liked to be rooted to the ground--you would never have made a good jumping horse.  I'll miss your stumbling feet.  I'll miss your excitement at the sight of grain (or any food really, especially treats).  I'll miss your sad, old eyes. 

Alrighty, I have to stop here--I'll start crying to hard.


Cat said...

I am so sorry for your loss :( He was just as lucky to have you in his life as you were to have him in yours. Sincere condolences.

Elisabeth said...

Thanks, Cat. We will miss him and even though we knew this day would come, it still is hard to have let him go--his final resting place will be in the pasture where he loved to eat, so he won't be far away.
Back when my husband and I got married, we came home from our honeymoon to find our house filled with streamers and a banner made up by our family members. On it my husband's brother had written a note as though from Reno--it said, "Where's the hay?" That horse would do practically anything for food! In the hours before the vet could get there, he would lift up his head and wanted to munch on some grain and sugar cubes even though he couldn't stand up anymore.