Thursday, April 28, 2011


There are reasons for 4 wheel drive around here--winter and spring (or springs in the road following wet winters!)

Looks a little mucky

Looks a lot mucky!

Hope mud baths are good for the Tahoe!
The area where I live is filled with springs--they are on the sides and tops of hills all over the place.  I think it will be a while until we can make hay properly this summer without rutting up our fields! 

Somehow that doesn't seem so bad to me--not being able to get things done because you are too lazy or even too busy--you can do something about that most of the time--not being able to do stuff because there is too much mud and water--well, can't help that, so might as well relax, do a little something else, and wait!

Guess we might not have too many pretty wild flowers growing this May Day!  Maybe people will need to make up mud pies to leave on their neighbor's doorsteps.

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