Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Up, things that have been

More pictures of things going on around here!

Bernie and Rosie in the remains of the very weedy garden from last year.  Bernie is quite surprised that his picture is being taken.

Norman looking off of the back porch

Green tulips last week--they finally are blooming now and were all nice and yellow just in time for Mother's Day!

Dakota had a run-in with a raccoon last Wednesday morning in the wee hours.  So far it looks like she is seeing out of her eye--no infection has happened--but she will remain a conehead for a little while.  We are hoping that the eye will heal over eventually, but the scratch was deep and we may have to bring her to someone who specializes in doing surgery on the eye.  Poor Dakota--just trying to make sure the raccoons don't come onto our place and kill our kitties (which they have in the past).

Mother's Day and my mom's 64th birthday were on the same day this year.  We had everyone over for dinner and my brother's family (his wife, really) brought the cupcake cake!

The apricot trees just started to bloom this weekend!

The violets finally opened up yesterday!!!!!

This morning Dan found two little kittens in the wall of the barn--fallen down from the haymow.  We hadn't seen these little ones yet--they are definitely one of the more wild(e) kitties kittens--probably Bobby's daughter's kittens (not that you know who Bobby is, but she has a daughter that looks almost exactly like her except that Bobby is has no tail and Bobby's daughter has a tail and also Bobby loves us very much, but Bobby's daughter doesn't so much care for us (except that she knows we feed her).  Anyway, they seem to be really sweet kittens--not scared of us at all, surprisingly--the little peachy and white one started purring as I held it even, but Dan has said the gray and white one will not be allowed in the house--all of our gray and white kitties have "issues" and constantly chat at us and are just plain weird--like the Bernie--did you see his expression in that first picture?  Do you want to know who started chatting at us at 6:00 am this morning after we got him (or her--I didn't check that carefully and my 6 am eyes have been known to be wrong in the past) out of the wall--the little Bernie look-a-like.  Oh, you little kitties!

Molly's little kittens are also growing up and starting to move around--what little sweet things!

Last, but not least--the cows were enjoying today's sun.  Here's hoping the rain will let up for a few days to help dry out their yard.  I was using a long lens on this photo--there was a great oozing expanse of mud and muck between us as I shot this photo!  Rain, rain go away, I've smelled enough cow muck for today (and next week and next month and so on)

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