Wednesday, May 07, 2014

23 Mobile Things--Thing 4

On thing 4 we were assigned to be "Keeping Up" by downloading an app that would be a one stop shop for all the news in which you might be interested.

I chose to download the Flipboard app.  Find information on how to download it here.

I've used it a little bit and it is pretty easy to get a hang of flipping through the various news stories that come from the web and Facebook and your favorite blogs.  You are also able to add a "magazine" to your account.  I added some Etsy pages, so that I could flip through various gift ideas for family members.

Time will tell if this is something I will use a lot or not.  I feel like my phone is already a source of being a one stop shop even if it means I open a few more apps here and there.  If I am trying to find out what my Facebook friends are saying, I guess that I prefer to go to Facebook itself, so that I can easily navigate to all of the Facebook features.

I do like the options for finding out news related items on your favorite topics, so I might keep this app to find those bits of information more easily.  I really enjoy reading about fashion (even if I'm not very fashionable) and about world news.  I tend to like to see all sorts of different sources for this information, so that I feel like I am getting a more well rounded picture of events (especially concerning world news).  Because of this, Flipboard probably would not become the only source I would look to, but it is a nice addition, as I was finding articles that I had not previously found.

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