Friday, July 27, 2007

Eye Camel Friday

Hey, it's a quick Eye Camel Friday (courtesy of remembering to take pics of Oliver before the digital camera went on vacation to Washington and Idaho).

I know two special ladies who will really love this edition of Eye Camel Friday.

(wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

sooooo, here it is . . . . . . . .


and his

very own

brand new


Now, back to working on the 90 prints that need to be shrinkwrapped before next Wednesday (and the 10 that need to be framed, and the 3 pics that I need to print and shrinkwrap by Monday afternoon while I am in the middle of all this other stuff. aaack!) Why does this always happen when the person who owns the digital camera goes on vacation?


Anonymous said...

Oliver! A camel after my own heart ;). You are going to knit splendid on this little blue loom. I reckon you can make yourself a little bed, felted of course for ultimate comfort and warmth.

Sorka said...

WOoo hoo!! Oliver.. knit up some slipper socks for your mom now!!