Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crazy, busy life is nearly over (I hope)

Just some quick picks of things I have worked on during the past couple months.

Squash buns made for Thanksgiving-mmmmm-tasty

More teeny/tiny ornaments
(I sell them at a local coffee shop during the Christmas Season)

I finally finished the mittens and scarf I started working on last spring!

Edge detail-I enjoyed making these, but I think that I will use either different sized needles or thinner yarn next time. I ended up using Lion Brand Homespun for these and for some reason the fabric seemed a little too dense even though I had used the same things when I made my own a few years ago. I mean I like the denseness of the fabric for warmth, but it sure got stiff as I was knitting and made it a bit unpleasant to work on. Either my hands were less bothered last time I made this pattern or I just forgot that it was a bit painful. (It did take me a couple of years to make the first ones because I kept setting it aside to do other things--maybe that was why)

Now for the cutest picture of the day!

My friend Leah's little girl in the little EZ sweater I knit.

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