Friday, April 13, 2007

I Finished Some Stuff and Eye Camel Friday

Rebekah is modeling the scarf I have been working on for a month or more. I finished it last night-yippee, yippee, yay! It is nice and soft and now I have started on a pair of mittens to match. (See below next to the scarf!!!)

I also have a wonderfully great picture of mini sweaters and stockings

The black/red/white/gray sweater on the left is the extent of knitting that I finished on the trip to Israel. Although I did seam the peach sweater as well. Considering the giant amounts of time I had on the plane to knit I should probably be reprimanded, but I wasn't feeling so good sometimes. I ended up reading and watching movies instead.

Now, The-Moment-You-Have-All-Been-Waiting -For!!!!!!!
Eye Camel Friday!!!!!!!!! Wooopee Wooohooo
Here's Oliver the Camel!

Oliver is modeling a giant (for him) stocking made from Lion Brand Magic Stripes Sock Yarn. It is all the rage in pack animal circles in Europe and the Middle East, but has just recently come into fashion in the US. You'll soon be seeing them at petting zoos, the circus, and your local county fair this summer!

See you on Monday-or whenever

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Sorka said...

oh how I do adore Rebekah.. sigh.
I miss all the art I was surrounded with in college..