Monday, April 16, 2007

"Balena the Blue Whale"

When I was little we had a few books that you could read and follow along with on either tape or record-One was called "Balena the Blue Whale" (I think). (We had other ones too, like one about a squirrel hiding acorns, one about a cobbler (a shoemaker-not a fruity, pie-like desert), and one called "Too Much Noise"-oh that one was good, I think I still have the book somewhere, but I am sure the tape is long gone-or wait was that one on a record-it could have been and my parents still have most of the records we had, hmmmmm, I'll have to check it out) Okay back to the subject.
Balena the Blue Whale-a story about a baby blue whale and her adventures-I think there might be poachers and a harpoon involved even-not sure. Anyway, my new blue mitten reminds me of the story.

It still needs a thumb and a partner, but my blue scarf and mitten set is past that halfway point-woohoo!

I've named this picture--blue whale with hot pink geranium.

Even though I have associated these mittens with blue whales (which are attractive in their own way), it does not mean that they are giant mitts. They're just blue and a little bit fish- shaped (I know-whales are mammels, but they are fish-shaped, too), but they make beautiful mittens and go very well with the scarf.

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