Thursday, April 26, 2007

My husband is a better person than me

These past couple of days have been filled with random little things. Cutting down a tree, filling holes in the yard with dirt, preparing a party for my mom's 60th birthday, making food and other stuff.

(I still have to finish those mittens and now have another knitting project to start-a vest for my dad. I found a plain and simple free pattern for it. Now, I need to find the yarn. We don't have any specific yarn stores in the area, but I do want to try and see if any craft stores will have the right kind of yarn for it before I have to buy it online)

At home we have also started putting up pictures in places and such, so I thought of this great idea of putting up baby pics of my husband and myself along with other family member pictures in our walk-in closet-(it used to be my room when I was a kid (up to age 14). As a room it was extremely small, but as a walk-in closet it is a nice size). Anyway, I already have a framed picture of myself at about age 18 months that my grandma used to have, but I needed a picture of Dan. Long story to short I 'm looking through his book of pictures and found a great one, but at the exact same time I realized he is a much better person than me and it started at a very young age.

Age 2
Notice how he listened to his mother and he hasn't touched the cupcakes set in front of him. In fact, not only is he not touching them-he's keeping his hands far away from them.

Age 3
Notice how he is holding that teeny-tiny fork with the cake on it in mid-air and he is smiling. He is patiently waiting to eat his cake until the picture is taken.

Thus, my husband is a much better person than me.

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