Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well, technically I wasn't quarantined (the doctor just said that I shouldn't be in close contact with teeny babies and pregnant women), but I am now safe to roam the entire earth. Now, to find something to help me get rid of the little red marks that remain over my eye.
I've heard about a product called Maderma or something like that. Does anyone know if it works?

p.s. I have to say that my dad's camera is a really nice one. In fact, I photographed my brother-in-law's wedding and got some gorgeous pictures with it. (of course very few people will ever see those pictures because they are already getting divorced after about a year-crazy, crazy. Is it bad of me to be more upset that I took such beautiful pictures of their wedding that nobody will ever see than the fact that they're getting divorced?--you don't have to say it-I'm a bad, bad person)

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