Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming Home!

The children should be coming home tonight or tomorrow morning!  My friend's wife and her sister on on there way or already in FL now to pick up their kids whenever they arrive.  I believe that 114 children from the orphanage will be coming to the US from this orphanage (these were the children already in process of being adopted).  Now the orphanage will not need to care for so many children (approx. 15 children were not in process of being adopted yet) and can focus on helping birth families that are in need of help.

The kids have been back and forth and unsure of what will be happening to them for the past week during aftershocks and small amounts of food.  Plus, media attention--CNN's Solodad O'Brien went with the children on the bus yesterday to the embassy (the bus ended up having to turn back as the children were getting sick in the heat and waiting in clogged streets).

I can often whine and complain (maybe not out loud all the time, but it is still there running through my mind) about how things are going in my life.  Don't have enough money, our furniture is mostly handed down through family and friends, but I need to be reminded of how my life has been blessed.  Those who have been blessed with much need to give much.  Give their prayers, give their time, give what they can . . .

We have all been blessed in some way, so we should give of those blessings to others.  What have you been blessed with?  How can you use what you have to help those around you?

PS  I think I may have to look back on this post when I want to start to whine about things.  I'm one of those people who needs lots of reminders!

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