Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prayer for my friends kids in Haiti NEEDED

My friends whose children are in one of the orphanages in Haiti need prayers sent their way.  They just got news from the orphanage about the actual current status at the orphanage and are in need of real help.

Follow this link to the orphanage website for details.

Some good news: They have news from the state department that they will be trying to get all of the children who are in process of being adopted to their families in the US and finish the paperwork here, but they need to make it through until that time comes--with travel being the way it is and red tape that needs to get cut and also making sure that children and their paperwork can successfully be put together to find their families.  There are also many other children who have lost their parents in this time and I am sure it is hard to know who to trust as well.  My heart just cries for these kids!

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jkrodriguez said...

They have my prayers!!