Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You would think this would already be a done deal . . .

I am sure frustration levels are at an extreme high with my friends right now.  My friend's wife went down on Fri. with her sister and their daughter.  A plane with some of the kids from the orphanage arrived on Sat. evening, but their children were not supposed to be on it.  Then when she saw video of the children she saw her daughter Patricia in the group, but not her brother Philippe.  Soooo . . . Patricia arrived on Sat. evening and they expected Philippe Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.  Now, the Prime Minister has stopped the flights of the orphans with Philippe still in Haiti without his older sister.  I am sure our State Senator has been contacted about this, but I am just astonished. 

When my friends were planning on adopting they saw Patricia and then within the month they found out she had a younger brother.  They knew that they would never separate siblings and how that would just break the hearts of these children.  There is just no way that these kids who have been in the adoption process for two years have a different status of adoption--they have the same parents--and now they have been separated by people who just want to show that they are in charge.  I don't know how they could think that this is an okay thing to do. 

Also, by allowing these children to come to the US, the orphanage is better equipped to handle children who have been orphaned by the earthquake.  They have already been able to take in about 30 children.  If they didn't have to be worrying about the rest of the children waiting to come to the US, they would be able to care for more.  I am sure it is the same way with other orphanages in Haiti.

I guess I understand not wanting children to be sent willy-nilly around the world, but I have not yet heard of any child coming over from Haiti that was not supposed to be adopted and didn't have their parents waiting for them.  Maybe its happened, but you would sure think the news sources would be up on that happening as they have been at the airports waiting for the children along with parents.

Don't know what else to say . . .

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