Monday, March 12, 2007

How'd it happen?

Well, Maya got engaged in February and she just wrote about how it happened in her blog, so it got me to thinking about how my husband proposed to me.
We've been married for going on five years now, but I remember it anyway :0)

So here goes--we were already pretty much figuring on getting married the next fall, but Dan's kind of a slow guy sometimes. (I recall that he compared us getting married to selling his old truck (not when we got engaged-I promise)-meaning that even though he knew he wanted to sell his old truck he just hadn't been ready to do it right away, but then he ended up selling it-what a romantic guy, huh? (this was is the summer before he proposed to me-I still tell him that he should never again compare me to an old truck, but I digress))

Anyway, on a very cold and windy day in January (the 19th) he came over to my parent's house (the one we live in now) to take me on a date. We had been planning to go for a walk in the snow, but it was nasty cold. Instead I played something for him on the piano that I was going to play for church the next day. He sat on the couch across the room from me with my cat, Cleo. When I had finished with the song I turned around and then got up and walked over to him. He got off of the couch, knelt down and proposed to me. I said yes to my most romantic man. (He said to me later that he had been asking the cat whether or not he should ask me) Then we went up to St. Cloud to go pick out a ring-he was nervous about picking one out, so we got it that night and even though we would have liked to have gone to this fifties diner that we had seen up there once or twice-for whatever reason we couldn't find it and ended up eating out at Pizza Hut.

Ahhh, the memories. Well, what my Dan sometimes lacks in romantic notions he makes up for in boundless kindness and forgiveness for all of my faults. I will be able to show our children someday the place where their dad proposed to me . . .

Us on our wedding day outside the church

So that, in my long-winded nutshell is how my husband proposed to me-Anyone else?

Someday soon sometime once again there will be knitting content, but, eh, there isn't very much to talk about on that subject.

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