Friday, March 09, 2007

. . . oh, what a beautiful day . . .

. . . I've got beautiful feeling -every thing's going my way
Well, maybe not so much, but it is a beautiful day. The temp is in the 30's and there is sun outside shining on the snow. It is truly very pretty out there. Not that I have a picture of it to show you, so you'll have to believe me. I'm seriously thinking I need to get a digital camera of my very own. I always feel bad when I steal my dad's and put pictures on it-even though I am only walking outside of the gallery that the camera resides in.
Anyway, all that said-did you know that in 10th grade I was in the HLWW/DC High School version of Oklahoma? You probably didn't know that, but I was. I was a part of the "chorus" and got to wear a white dress with bright purple, pink and green flowers on it with a giant purple sash. I think it was the brightest dress on stage. I knew the costumer well and she told me she thought I could handle it. She has been a director of a few plays that I was in as well and she always had me wear some strange outfit or in charge of some strange giant prop. Much as I can't act that well, I can handle props and looking strange. What a gift!!!!

Since, my parents live next door to the gallery, I ran next door to see if there were any pictures of this dress and lo, and behold-here they are. The picture might be a little small, but anyway they give you an idea of how it looked. Well, that's all for now. Have a good weekend!

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Sorka said...

Oooh very nice! My fun role in high school was as a dead body in Arsnic and Old Lace I did most of my work backstage as the stage manager for all but one production during my highschool career!