Friday, May 11, 2007

Eye Camel Friday

Well, I forgot to bring home the nice digital camera from work yesterday, so I quick came in this morning and picked up the camera to take pictures of Oliver.

I went on a bike ride along the bike trail kind of near my house (I have to drive to it because my dog, Dakota, likes to follow me). Then, when I got home, Oliver, Dakota and I went for a quick walk up the road to the lake by our house. Along the way, we saw some flowers.

Here is Oliver smelling a May Flower as it is opens. These flowers are along the ditch right before we get to the lake.

We also saw some of these. I looked at the wild flower book that my parents have and I believe this is either a Large-Flowered Bellwort or a Perfoliate Bellwort. Of course, Oliver was no help in figuring out what kind of flowers they are and Dakota just wanted to walk on them.

We then came to the edge of the lake and saw the cattails all fuzzed out.

When we arrived home Bombero, our almost 14 year old Dalmatian, welcomed us. And . . . .

Dakota was warm from our walk.

Have a good weekend!

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