Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday is a good day

Well-at least I hope it is for everyone-I didn't know what to put for a heading, so I just wrote that. (and Thursday is a good day-it is nice weather here, I'm a healthy person, some of my favorite television shows are on tonight, etc)

Okay, I have to tell you I started something yesterday. It wasn't knitting-(of course it wasn't knitting-after all, this is a blog about knitting that rarely has knitting content on it).

I started a diet and exercise program (eep). (Isela, you keep doing so much all the time and made me have to start my own thing)
Today's Pic's don't have much to do with today's post because I really didn't want to show you a picture of me in my work out clothes with my tummy bulging. These pictures are much prettier.

My horse, Beauty. (she's being trained to ride and just under 4 years old)

I've been wanting to do something like this, but I never get the courage and get really lazy and all that. So anyway, I started it yesterday and am hoping to lose many pounds and inches. (please, please, please) All through high school I was around 130 (of course, I always felt like I was fat and ugly and now when I look back at pictures I get mad that kids, when I was little and then, thought of me as fat-I was not at all and it just goes to show how much words can hurt someone so bad that it screws up what they see in the mirror). Then in college, I gained some weight, but then I lost it all by some miraculous occurrence (I really don't know how it happened, but I thanked God for it every day-for once in my life, I looked in the mirror and thought - "she's kinda cute").

So then I got married, made meals everyday, didn't get out much, and briefly (ever so briefly because I saw what started to happen to my body) got those b.c. shots. (sorry if this is TMI, just skip over it) I had been on pills, but then I was having a weird reaction to something and my doctor took me off of them to make sure it wasn't them and had me take the shot-not a good idea because (a.) it wasn't them at all and (b.) I gained all the weight back and more that I had lost in college (for whatever miraculous reason) and had kept off for 3 or 4 years, by the way. (mad face goes here) (but instead of a mad face, I'll show you a picture of Reno. He's more pleasant)

Reno is the 20-something horse that I currently ride. He is always gentle and good with me, but he doesn't really enjoy having to be ridden anymore. He would like to be able to stay in the pasture, so I'm hoping, Beauty will be a good and gentle horse for me. (She may not be and then we'll have to find someone who knows horses better than me who would like a pretty young horse)

Since then I have been waiting for that miraculous change to happen and it hasn't. I have tried things to lose weight and I gain it instead, so I really hope that this will be the thing that helps me and takes the weight off. The plan is---the Extreme Fat Smash Diet and it was done by one of the trainers who does Celebrity Fit Club. Now, I've never watched the show (no cable, satellite kind of stuff at my house), but it seemed like a good plan to me as I looked at it. I'm the kind of person who needs a schedule to follow or I won't stick with anything and it has a schedule of things to do and food to eat that I can actually get and afford.

So, here's hoping it will all work out. (cheers)

Most of the food to eat is pretty good and I can have snacks here and there (as long as they are under 100 cal.), so I don't have to totally cut out sugar. Although last night's supper left something to be desired, so I'll have to figure out a way to make Garbanzo Beans and mixed veggies more edible (they are not good with salsa). My mom makes a really good sauce with garbanzo beans, spinach, tomato, and garlic. I'll have to look for the recipe.

Yesterday, I took a walk in the morning for about an hour. This morning I did a Billy Blanks workout video (which I've owned since college) and later on I'm going to go for a 40 minute walk with the dog.

Dan and I with Checotah (his horse) and Reno. We are in front of the teepee that Dan's brother built and at a Glacial Lakes State Park here in Minnesota.

Come back tomorrow for Oliver the Camel's adventure-(he might go on a walk with me tonight!)

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