Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Flowers in My Yard

Yesterday's post was of the flowers in the road ditch and today's pictures will be of the one's right around my house. Do you want to know one of the first things I would do to my house if I became rich? I would fill my home with fresh cut flowers and flowering plants. (The name of my blog reflects that as well (although it is also a twist on my name). Around here in early June, the wild roses start blooming and I love them a whole big bunch.)

This tulip picture is the one I decided to print off and frame for my neighbor Adeline. She absolutely loved it and gave me a big hug. She then proceeded to show me the pictures of all of her grandkids and the quilt that she is making for her great-granddaughter who will be graduating from high school. --Adeline is one of the people in my life who has inspired me to make useful craft items. She's in her 80's and needs to use a walker to get around, but she can't let her hands be idle. She is always sewing something for someone. When Dan and I got married she gave us a counted cross stitch picture of flowers and a garden gate. I also bought the most beautiful quilted Christmas Tree skirt from her. It is something I will treasure always.

Violets growing next to the foundation of our house. We have violets that cover the area between the house and our windmill every May. They grow wild in the grass and we always put off mowing the lawn as long as possible in order to see them for as long as we can. They are just starting to blossom now.

The Creeping Charlie is blooming. Yes, it's a weed, but it's pretty, too. It isn't doing any damage, so why not let it grow and be happy?

Dandelion by the front porch. I have a fondness for dandelions. (I think my mom does, too) I used to pick them for my mom all the time and then I would put them into a round vase that had all sorts of holes around the top and then we would set them on the table for a nice centerpiece.

Happy Wednesday!

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Elinor said...

Your photos are really beautiful!!!