Monday, February 05, 2007

Baby-it's cold outside . . .

I am so a Minnesotan-I have spent at least three different posts talking about the weather. Now this isn't at all scientific and I 'm just saying it, but I'm pretty sure it is true :0)
Do you know what the most watched portion of the news is in Minnesota? Weather. Do you want to know what, I am betting, is being talked about at this very moment at the little cafe across the street from me? Weather. Do you want to know what people were talking about at church yesterday? It wasn't the Super Bowl-it was the weather- okay, maybe some people talked about the Super Bowl, but I didn't happen to talk to them.
So if it is sooooo cold outside why am I not knitting a giant woolly blanket? because that sounds like a lot of work. I am working on a little something for one of my nieces though. Now, probably none of you will approve of what I am making and I may even hear a few laughs and guffahs, but I am making her a poncho-yes, I said it- it is a poncho make out of an acrylic boulcé yarn that is going to have a fun fur border. I will not apologize for this. She is 8 years old. She is a girl. She is going to love it.
Well, anyway you guys-stay warm and have a good week!
I was going to finish this for Christmas, but I was very busy trying to finish the Print o' the Wave for my sister-in-law (which didn't get finished until a week after Christmas and got sent last week-she got it by the way and absolutely loved it. Thank you Eunny!!! for such a beautiful pattern.) Don't worry-I ended up getting my niece a beautiful book called The Flower Man that she really liked-such beautiful artwork. Anyway, I am just about finished with the poncho and I think I will be able to get it in the mail by the end of the week for a little Valentine's gift.

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