Friday, February 23, 2007

happy windy friday ;o)

Well, I know I said that I would have pictures of things and everything today, but alas and alack (sp?) I do not. We finally got everything together for the Home and Garden Show (happening in Hutchinson this weekend by the way) yesterday and then we went and set up our booth earlier today. Guess what-the camera that is holding the myrtle leaf shawl (2 repeats done) pic's is at the show and I am not. (my dad is currently manning the booth while I man the shop. I'll be going over later after the shop closes to help at the booth.) Go ahead-call me a bad blogger-I've only been doing this for a little over a month and already I don't post very regularly and I don't have any knitting pic's to show you-bad, bad blogger. To distract you from the nonknitting material, I will show you a picture of a crazy kitty in the sink!

So, anyway, I thought that I would tell you about the trip to Israel in March-I bet you are excited. My husband has always wanted to go to Israel (I traveled a fair amount before we got married, so I've been to a lot of places that I really wanted to visit), so when his boss gave him a huuuuuuge bonus for being at his job for 10 years we decided that we would go there. (we probably could have used the money to pay bills with or to buy flooring for our upstairs, but his boss really wanted to give us the money for a trip that we would never be able to afford on our own and we were happy to do that) We're going on a tour with Pilgrim Tours that does Holy Land tours and gears them toward Christian people.

The thing that is so funny/ironic is that before Christmas Dan had been saying he would really like a picture book of Israel, so I ended getting him an Israel guidebook that had all sorts of pictures in it before we even knew that we would be able to even go on this trip. It has been really helpful to look at (especially when we were trying to figure out which tours we wanted to go on to make sure we got to see things that we would really like to see) and Dan looks at this book like every night before we go to bed. He's really excited about the trip (I'm a little more nervous because I'm a worrier-I'll be excited when we get there, but I always get nervous about all of the arrangements working out and everything beforehand)

Well, have a great weekend and I wish you the "very best in all your endeavors" (as I recall, that's something like what my friend, Sid, wrote in my yearbook senior year-funny what you remember).

p.s.-random "I'm-not-very-smart-question" for you all-how do I save buttons and all other such stuff to my server?-I'm not an internet savvy person-I'm great at photoshop, but not so good with other stuff that deals with html info.

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